Our Philosophy and Objectives

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We exist to serve the needs of students temporarily residing in Grenoble requiring core curriculum instruction in English. We strive to meet the needs of individual students by tailoring our curriculum, based on an American model, to each student’s academic goals. In partnership with Cité Scolaire Internationale, we provide our students an international scholastic environment and encourage immersion into the French culture and language. We nurture respect for humanity, personal responsibility, knowledge, curiosity and participation in community life in our students, staff, families, and governing board.

Our main objective is to provide a high quality education following an American model which enables students to reintegrate into an English speaking school system and to prepare high school students for higher education, particularly in American universities.

In addition, we provide a structure in which students will acquire the benefits of cultural, linguistic and intellectual diversity.

A Message from the Chair of The Board, Julien Goube

I have been a Board member for over ten years and in that time I have seen our school grow in stature and quality.

Our students use the facilities offered by our host school and thanks to the great support from the CSI Principal, Marie Noëlle Tison, we enjoy good relations. We offer our core curriculum in the English language – a unique feature in the region. All students receive a high degree of French language instruction and are able to mix with the French students in other sections.



The school is small and this makes for a good student – teacher ratio but also helps to promote a welcoming atmosphere and a real sense of belonging to a community. The school is able to offer a sensitive and personalised support structure for students who are often a little lost when they arrive for the first time in a foreign country.

We look to the future through the eyes of our students. We believe that young people are far more advanced and open to new technologies than their parents’ generation. Most students have a greater openness and a broader world view than many adults who arrive here and they are adaptable. We look at our students and imagine what lasting influence the school will have on their values and world outlook. We imagine what kind of tools our students will need in order to face a fast changing future. All these factors have a big influence on the kind of school the ASG is rapidly becoming.

Managing the progress of students from diverse backgrounds whose levels vary enormously is a mammoth challenge but one to which the staff team rises year after year with dexterity and empathy. The school team is dedicated and loyal. A significant proportion has been at the school for a good many years. They combine with their great experience to form a strong and expert team.

The purpose of the Board is to ensure a long term future for the school and to this end one of the tasks we have set ourselves is one of constant and critical review of the curriculum and programme on offer to ensure that we are offering our students the very best combination suitable for their needs.  We are striving to ensure that our school remains the school of choice for English speaking foreigners in the Grenoble area.  We are extremely privileged to be able to share an excellent relationship with our prestigious host school and the Head of the CSI, Mme Tison who is of great support to us.  We are ratified by the public local education authority, the Rectorat, which gives us equal status to all schools in the region. The American School of Grenoble can take its rightful place as one of the gems in the crown of Grenoble’s secondary education offer.

Julien Goube, Chair of the Board