P1180739If you are interested in applying for admission to the American School of Grenoble, please contact us.

The Admissions process is as follows:


Download and fill out the three PDF application forms which can be found in the sidebar to the right of this page. They can be sent by post or scanned and
attached to an email:

A. Application to the school – with supporting documents listed below:

1. Photocopies of academic transcripts, school records or term reports, covering the present and previous
school years (a total of 3 academic years)
2. Photocopies of any academic test results and, if applicable, professional reports regarding your child’s
learning needs where relevant.
3. Student’s Birth Certificate
4. If necessary, proof of delegation of parental authority
5. Photocopy of both Parents’ passports
6. Photocopy of Student’s passport
7. If single parent, please justify with legal documentation
8. Photocopies of proof of residence in France, work permit, Visa
9. Photocopy of student’s inoculation record

B. Parent/Guardian statement – with supporting documents as requested in the form

C. School Recommendation Form 

Fill in the first part of the Recommendation Form and then give it to your child’s current school with a stamped addressed envelope. It is important that the student’s school sends these documents to us directly.

In addition to the above we may require other documents that may have been specifically requested by our Administration team.

All documents will be treated in confidence. You can send all these documents as a scanned email attachment to the following email address: (we will send a confirmation receipt).

The deadline for applications is May 1st.  Applications will be reviewed in mid-May, mid-June and early July.

Check that the application is complete. Once completed documents can be sent as attachments to (we will send a confirmation receipt).  Alternatively you might wish to send the applications by post but please be aware that all school offices are closed during the summer vacation, as a result nobody will be available to sign for delivered mail. Please contact us via email.


We will normally ask parents/guardians and applicant students to join us for an interview. This can be done in person at the school or via telephone or Skype.


Basic participation fees of €4200 will be charged for the 2017 – 2018 school year.  Additional expenses may be required for special events or class trips, English as a Second Language and support services. In order to keep up with rising expenses, the Board of the ASG increases fees annually. We try to keep the increases modest. In recent years that increase has been 100 euros each year.

English as a second language and Special Educational Needs.

Please see information on the Classes & Faculty page of this website: http://classes-faculty

Important information about making applications to our host school, CSI

We are bound by regulations set by the school authorities which do not allow duplicate application to both the American School AND the CSI.  Your application to the ASG may be refused if you have previously made a failed application to the CSI.  If you are not sure about which school you should enroll your child(ren) we STRONGLY ADVISE that you seek advice from Carol Margaret Bitner – Head of the American School BEFORE you make your application to either school: or telephone: +33 (0)

If your child is fluent in both English and French – (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and is already familiar with the French education system you may wish to consider applying to our host school the CSI. This is a public Middle (College) and High School (Lycee) which offers the French Baccalaureate programme delivered in French. Please ask us about the differences between the two schools’ programs.