Welcome from the Head of School


We at ASG would like to extend you a warm welcome to Grenoble.

We find that most students have a greater openness and a broader world view than many adults and they are truly adaptable. Our school builds on this innate skill. Our programme is forward looking and international in character. Our core curriculum is based on the American model and is taught in English. We offer intensive French language lessons and in addition we place our students into some of our host school’s classes where the teaching is in French. This gives children the unique opportunity to a fast track in gaining French fluency. Where appropriate, some students are placed into the classes of CSI’s international sections, too (Arabic, German, Portuguese, Spanish…).

We know what it is like to up sticks and settle in a foreign country, we have done it. Our school Guidance Programme is sensitive to this and helps greatly to orientate children during their first few weeks. We also run School Student meetings which provide peer support. Our Community Service Programme is also an ideal way for your child to gain confidence in their new community and surroundings.

Our school is small but benefits greatly from the excellent facilities provided by our host school, Cite Scolaire Internationale (CSI). Our unique situation allows us to cater for the individual needs of each of our students, while at the same time giving them all the benefits a modern large school can offer.

We take great pride in the atmosphere our school fosters and we know that your child will gain enourmous benefits from their education with us.

Carol Margaret Bitner
+33 (0)4 38 12 25 47  email: amschool.grenoble@gmail.com

About Us


American School of Grenoble Cite Scolaire InternationaleThe American School of Grenoble is a non-profit, college preparatory school. We are unique in that we teach all our core subjects in English and most of our administration is in English. The American School of Grenoble has partnered with French educational authorities and is housed within a large French public high-school, the Cité Scolaire Internationale. Although classes at the American School of Grenoble are conducted in English, students participate in certain classes at the Cité Scolaire Internationale, and have access to their international facilities.

The American School of Grenoble currently serves 35 students in grades 6 through 12. The present student body consists of students from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Ireland, France, Brazil, Sweden, and Turkey. 

The American School of Grenoble is governed by an active Board of Directors, composed of members of the local community, representatives of international companies and representatives of the school.

The American School of Grenoble is centrally located near the bus and train stations, and on a tramline near the center of Grenoble. Map

The Council of International Schools (CIS) Board of Trustees has granted the award of Accreditation to the American School of Grenoble. This is a tremendous honor which demonstrates the high quality and standards maintained by ASG. Press Release

Within CIS membership are schools that have achieved a mark of high quality and rigour – CIS International Accreditation.  This recognition signifies that the school has completed a comprehensive self-study and international peer review as part of a continuous improvement process focusing on standards and indicators that promote the development of student knowledge, skills, attributes and actions aligned with the CIS Definition of Global Citizenship.  Colleges and universities worldwide acknowledge that a CIS Accredited School meets internationally-agreed and recognised standards and develops global citizens with the qualities and skills that they are seeking in students.

CIS International Accreditation is recognised by the National Association of Independent Schools (USA), and by many government and non-government agencies around the world.